Be Smart – Use ORCA

Orca: the platform for merging banks and crypto wallets with instant crypto conversion into FIAT.

Will you agree that sleep is a mirror of our mental state and stress experienced during the day? Movie compares two types of sleep: Joe's whose money is scattered in many bank accounts and crypto wallets. He's forced to use all dedicated apps for managing his savings. And Mike's whose money is also scattered in many different accounts, but he's using Orca's platform to manage them all. The movie depicts contrast between Joe's frustration and Mike's "zen" state.


We had a lot of freedom with look dev. Most interesting and challenging part of the creative process was to create Joe and his surrounding. We went with noisy/chaos feel and tech-savvy/sci-fi look.


  • Client: Orca
    Director: Aivaras Ligeika, Mark Kaverkin
    Production: b’side