The movie is meant to tell how the possibility to restore the things initially created by nature itself is born in the human hands. Various techniques used by a prosthodontist Gertrūda Sūdžiūtė and a team of dental professionals help restoring a natural relief of worn teeth, their natural function and aesthetic form.

This movie depicts the story of professional human intervention in the natural processes of nature. It parallels human and earth elements, illustrates the causes of natural wear and systematic efforts to stop them. The movie demonstrates a scanned and animated 3D model of a real tooth that illustrates a life cycle of a tooth. Teeth and their anatomical structures – like a natural relief of the earth, rivers, and mountains. They are the formations that have a utilitarian function and anatomical structure. The state of this structure is directly associated with the way of life of an individual. They contain inscriptions of the history of the stress experienced by an individual, eating habits and compliance with hygiene norms.


The project involved a wide range of techniques: 3D scanning(done with a medical 3D scanner), sculpting, mesh morphing etc. The movie consists a mix of CGI and live action, that's why attention to details in CGI was a big part.


  • Client: Gertrūda Sudžiūtė
    Concept, Design & Direction: b’side
    DOP: Dominykas Stelmokas
    Edit: Dominykas Stelmokas, Aivaras Ligeika
    3D Animation & Postproduction: Aivaras Ligeika
    3D Scanning – Mantas Auškelis
    Color: Dominykas Stelmokas
    SFX: Aivaras Ligeika